Shopify Plus Vs. Magento Enterprise: Why Shopify Plus Is Better For Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

In the current decade, mobile devices are moving from being messaging and call boxes to essential business tools. Both customers and vendors are using their mobile phones to trade online. As an enterprise entrepreneur, you do not have a reason of being left out. For you to succeed, you must come up with ways of engaging your mobile customers.

However, this is possible when your enterprise e-commerce platform offers you an opportunity to optimize your store for the mobile audience.Β  The platform must have functionality for mobile friendliness. Considering the top-ranking enterprise solutions – Shopify Plus vs. Magento enterprise, Shopify Plus takes the day. Here are 3 reasons why it is a good option for mobile commerce:

Mobile destined templates

Shopify Plus is conscious of your desire to sell to the mobile audience. For this reason, it offers you templates designed for mobile devices. The templates are highly responsive to different screen sizes. So, when a customer uses a smartphone or another mobile device, your online store adjusts to offer them the best experience. Also, you have an option to choose from more than 100 free and premium templates which are highly responsive and mobile friendly. Magento enterprise does not have such a privilege as no stationary templates are available.

Offers your Mobile App ADK

Do you have business apps that customers have installed on the mobile devices? If so, you have an opportunity to convert them into selling points. Shopify Plus offers you a functionality by the name Mobile App ADK. This functionality enables you to create mobile commerce apps customized for your business. Also, in case you already have some apps, you can add a Buy Button. Or else, you can embed your online store to the existing apps. This way, you harness your opportunities for boosting your mobile-based sales.Β  With a Magento enterprise online store, doing this is a complex affair. You must have the extra coding knowledge to achieve the objective.

High loading speed

For mobile shoppers, loading speed is critical. The customers are using these devices for other activities. Hence, they do not have a whole day to browse your site. Shopify plus is a SaaS platform which means it is optimized for any devices. So, if customers are accessing your online store using a mobile device, it will not load at a slower speed than one using a PC. Most likely, the mobile customers will experience optimal speed than their counterparts on the PC. As such, Shopify Plus is a suitable platform for mobile commerce.

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