4 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Shopify Theme

Shopify Theme

Having a lot of alternatives to select from is better than none, right? Having numerous options might not always be a good thing. It is quite easy to get analysis paralysis a situation where you cannot make a sound decision because you want to make the right choice.

With the hundreds of themes which are there, you may become overwhelmed with the one to choose, each one of them having their pros and cons. In this article, you will learn some of the factors to consider when selecting a theme for your Shopify store.

Impress on the first visit

As they say, the first impression is important. Most visitors will make a quick judgment about a new site five seconds after they have visited it. First, put yourself in your target customer’s shoes. Think about the type of experience you would want to have if you were looking at the products in your store.

Easy navigation

This is another vital factor when selecting a theme for your store. What kind of links or menus would work best for your store? It is also advisable for you to watch out on design trends but also avoid to deviate too much. Navigation mistakes are expensive, but they can also be prevented.

Pick only the features which you will need

It would help if you first thought about the feature which would benefit your visitors before incorporating them. Be aware of the themes which will be having numerous features which you won’t use. If you want a specific feature, it would be more convenient if you choose a theme which offers you many of the features which you are looking for and then customizes it. Alternative you can add an app which will perform the same role.

Choose how to showcase your products

It would help if you also considered the size of your catalog and how it can be viewed. You may have come across a beautiful store whose products are displayed well. The same theme cannot work well for your store if you have a big product catalog. There are numerous themes which cater to different catalogs sizes. It is recommended that you select the best one which will suit your needs.


Finding the right theme for your store can be daunting.  Remember that what will work for your store won’t work for another person and vice versa. Each store is different, and it’s you who knows what your store needs.

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